Rediscovering Yourself

Using an evidenced-based approach, coupled with a holistic approach to healing, we will help you to rediscover yourself through a rebalancing of your mental health through various treatment modalities. Humans do not exist in a vacuum. We are meant to be social creatures. We need relationship with both ourselves and others. Learning to properly fulfill your inherent emotional needs of power/control, acceptance (love/approval), and safety/security, you will begin to discover the boundaries between yourself and others.
Most people think that in order to have fulfillment in life, they need to be on a
perpetual path toward achieving happiness. However, to truly experience happiness,
you must learn to be content by finding a balance between the physical, mental and
spiritual. When you’re content, you are able to properly cope with a bad day and
experience actual joy on a good day. To be really truly fulfilled in life we need to pursue
activities that we find pleasure in, but also regard as worthwhile, and work hard to achieve it.

Coping with years of pain, anxiety, depression, confusion, and conflict can be overwhelming.
Instead of living your life for and through others, you will learn to finally be whole through the
study of healthy living. By allowing yourself some vulnerability in processing your issues with
others, you will realize your true inner strength and begin to challenge and develop the core of
who you are. Only then will you become a support to those who are important in your life
because you have a strong foundation and abounding energy. Don't just survive. THRIVE!